Literary Analysis Worksheet (LAWS)


1.     Characters:  List and describe the two main characters:





2.     Setting:  Describe the setting in full detail using support from the text:




3.     Plot:  Categorize events from the plot in the correct space below:




--rising action:







--falling action:








4.     Tone:  What is the authorís tone?  Support your answer with examples from the text. 

Are there any shifts? If so, where and how can you tell?






5.     Mood:  What is the mood at the beginning of the story.  Support your answer with examples from the text.

6.     Imagery:  List five examples of imagery in the text and the associated sense:







7.     Foreshadowing:  List 3 examples of foreshadowing from the text and tell how each is an example of it:






8.     Conflict:  What conflict(s) exist in the work?  Support with examples from the text.




9.     Irony:  What type of irony can you find in the story?  Support your answer.





10. Author Purpose: Why is the author writing this and how do you know that?



11. Point of View: What is the point of view?  Give an example to prove it.





12. Theme:  Describe what the theme of the work is based on your understanding of it.  Support your answer with material from the text.





13. Allusions:  List one allusions and what they are alluding to.